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We are a small family business with a long experience in the field.The hotel opened in 2000 and since then we have welcomed many guests from Bulgaria and other countries.
Hotel Briz is located just a couple of minutes walking from the beaches and we are on a small quiet street next to the Center.
Our restaurant prepares different dishes for our guests and our summer garden will make your stay with us even nicer.

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Kiten - a small heaven on the Black Sea

For quite some time, Kiten has welcomed many tourists, who look for a peaceful and affordable summer vacation. Every year the city wins them over with its clean beaches and waters, an abundance of fresh seafood and a unique nightlife. People from all ages can have fun here, as well as recharge with the healthy sun rays and clean sea air. Located between two small gulfs - Karaagach and Atliman, Kiten’s beaches have very calm waters. In the same time, the guests of the city can quickly and easily visit some of the many unique natural areas near by. Ropotamo, just 10 minutes driving from Kiten, hides in its territory a great biodiversity and flora and fauna of the highest significance. The national reserve offers its visitors 8 different routes, through which they can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Kiten is a resort with many traditions and special attention to every guest. If you are looking for a peaceful and revitalising summer vacation, this small town is the right choice!

Do you know:

  • Kiten is the fourth smallest town in Bulgaria - after Melnik, Madjarovo and Pliska. Only 1144 people live here.
  • The average temperature during a summer day is 27°C.
  • There is a mineral spring in the resort - close to camping Atliman. The water is drinkable.
  • The resort also has a small port, from which you can hire a boat and visit the nearby towns - Primorsko, Lozenets, Ahtopol.
  • Kiten is one of the most eco friendly and clean resorts in Bulgaria.
  • A symbol of the nightlife here is club Zangador. For many years, this place has offered a unique experience at the beach.